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    recent switcher with some questions
    Hi all, i just got myself a used imac about two weeks ago.... I have to say i'm offically swittched over! i absolutly love my imac. My only problem right now is i need it to be a pvr, (my windows computer has that on it, and i am just done with all the hassles of that computer) My imac is a g4 800 mhz. How successfull would i be trying to update this thing to get it to record and edit tv? will it be too slow? should i go ahead and get myself a new imac? thanks to anyone that can help me!!! I must say that i love this forum, everybody here is absolutly wonderfull and so helpfull! thank you guys, keep up the great work!
    I forgot to ask, is there a dvd burning program comprable to nero? I need a program that is as customizable as possible.

    - Georgie

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    Hey man

    For CD/DVD burning I'm using Toast 7 from Roxio, it's nice and very well organized. It takes me about 15 minutes to burn a 16X dvd. But before you rush and buy it I advise you to try the demo version first and check further posts.
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    If you get a product like that you should be fine for recording TV since that uses a hardware encoder so your computer just needs to store the information
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