Hello, been lurking here and this is my first post. I'm looking at getting a new computer and I'm planning on switching to Mac. Been a Window's user ever since i've owned a computer unless you want to count the old Tandy that hooked up to the TV. I'm looking at the MacBook Pro 2.33 w/ 160gb hard drive because I like the 250mb video card. I'm not fond of ATI but I'll get over it as I'm sure the x1600 is fine for what I'll be doing. Some mild gaming but that won't be my main focus.

My main question is this, I'm looking at iWork but I'm thinking of holding off till they bring out iWork '07. Is this something that will be out soon or am I going to be waiting six months? I know that there probably won't be an "upgrade" from what I have read so am I better to wait? I've read that there will be spread sheet functionality in '07 and that is what I want.

Also, this may be a long shot but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone here do any investing where they do their own stock trading and tracking? If so, how do the Java trading platforms perform on the Macs?

Anyway, thank you in advance for your advice and I'm sure I'll be back for more once I pry the credit card out of my wallet and actually go through with the purchase. Wish me luck on that one too....lol.