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    Unhappy DVD burning help
    I have been using my Mac for a little over a month now, and I like it alot, but I am having one problem. I have a website that is over 3 GBs in Size (but under 8 GBs) and I want to burn all video files (Quicktime and Flash) and Javascript files and CSS files and HTML files and image files to DVD, for back up purposes. I make a burn folder with what I want to burn, but when I insert a DVD+R DL into my Mac's DVD drive and tell it to burn, it keeps bringing up a message about the disc not being empty (even though I took the DVD disc from the package that I purchased from Best Buy). Because I had no trouble burning double layer DVD discs with iDVD (when I burned videos that I made with iMovie or other videos), is it possible to make my Mac burn this content to Double Layer discs?

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    it can be the brand

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    DVD Brand
    The brand is FujiFilm, but like I said iDVD would burn to it alright. if it were the brand, then I do not think even iDVD would burn it. That is my assumption though because my slot can read and burn double layer discs.

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    Never mind, I just found out my problem, I kept telling my Mac to ignore the inserted DVD+R DL, instead of telling it to open in the finder.

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