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Thread: highlight - apple F

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    Nov 02, 2006
    highlight - apple F
    can i change the color when i use the apple+F feature?

    its gray now but its hard to see. sorry if its a repost question i tried the search feature first.

    thanks for you help and all the great other posts

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    system preferences - > Appearance

    Its the second choice under appearance. Change the color in a pull down box labeled Highlight Color.

    Does this solve your problem?

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    Nov 02, 2006
    I did try that, but all that does is change the color on the address bar when it loads pages, when I hit Apple+A, or it also changes the color in the pop up box where you type what word you want to search, but when it identifies the matching word on the site it still highlights in grey.

    thanks for the reply

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    just one bump in case some one else knows

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    What jdgaines posted is correct. Your selected text that appears from the "find" command should be highlighted by whatever color you choose in the "Appearance" setting. You may want to try logging out and back in, or maybe repairing permissions and the usual easy steps first if that isn't working for you.
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