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    Switcher - killed my ext HD recently
    ok, so last week i went to a friends place to have him work on some illustrator / photoshop files from my home PC. I put them on my new ext hd and plugged it into his USB2 port and transfered a few of the files over. Once we were finished i unplugged the hd. Remembering i had forgotten a file i replugged the hd back in and the mac would not recognize it and kept asking to format the drive... ugh.
    I went home and my stupid PC said the same thing at which time i did format the drive and of course all of my files went bye bye...

    my question, was this a freak instance or what?

    I have many files on my pc that i want to bring over to my new macbook pro which i bought last night, but i dont want my hd to fail each time. I need to be able to share pictures, music, compatible illustrator and photoshop files cross platform, is this POSSIBLE and if so HOW??

    please help or the evil pumkin will eat my files again - :spook:


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    Did you unmount the drive before yanking the USB port out?

    If not, this could be the problem. It's unlucky to lose all the data, but often you lose some doing this. The reason why is that a lot of the data is cached on a HDD and sometimes it just sends the data you copied to the cache (in the drive itself). If you unplug it before it's finished writing... bye bye data.
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    that could be the culprit... but other than that there arent any compatibility issues i am unaware of i take it... thanks!

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