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    New Switcher-- two questions:
    I just got given a older iBook G3, OSX, also a D-Link DWL-122 USB wireless adapter.

    I've already got legit and registered PC copies of Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 7. Has anyone here had *experience* with trying to buy cross-platform upgrade copies? I don't mind the upgrade purchase, but have been stuck in Adobe phone help for several half hours and have never reached a human being. Any ideas how this might work, if possible. I know when I upgrade these on PC, I have had to already have copies of the software on the machine--but obviously, this is not possible with the copies I have.

    2--I have never been able to to get the iBook to connect to my PC centric wireless DSL. It shows connected, but 'incorrect WEP key'... Key is correct. I read somewhere that since Apple has 40 bit hex and PC has 64 bit hex for a 10 digit password to type a $ before the password (presumably in the wireless adaptor setup on the Mac). Doesn't work. Yes, I've got one of those silly Linksys routers, but I'm at firmware 1.000.4, not the 1.01 which has been causing all the problem. Is connection even possible, or should I just consider the wireless adaptor something for going to the coffeehouse?

    Finally, is there a link somewhere to help me learn to create dual compatibility CDs?

    Thanks...(Just to show you how old I am, my first computer experience was with an Apple II+...since, I've done a fair amount of work with other people's Macs, but never had to configure one for the Net.)

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    1. I think they will make you buy the full program.
    2. To me the wireless issue seems to be a software issue. OS X 10.2 seems old to me. I havent had any issues putting in my WEP key on my iMac. But i am running 10.4.8 with a built in card. Although the D-Link card should be able to take the WEP key unless you are trying to connect an incompatible signal (like A to G).

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    I, too, began with an Applie II+. We had an integer card, so upgraded from 48k memory to 64k memory. And, we had two 160k floppy drives. Behold my glory!

    1. I have Photoshop Elements 4.0, Acrobat Pro 7.0, and GoLive CS2 for the PC. Best I can figure out -- after getting zero help from Adobe, like you -- is that they do not consider a cross-platform change eligible for upgrade. Since the Adobe apps arent Universal yet, you're probably just as well off running them in Parallels as "native" WinXP apps.

    2. I'm running 10.4.8, when I first logged on I had a bit of trouble getting onto the home wireless network. I had to enter the actual hexidecimal WEP key (6A4EEE etc.) and then it worked fine. I've now got my MBP running happily on the wireless and also as part of a Windows Workgroup with two other (Wintel) notebooks.

    3. I'm fairly certain that when you burn a CD, it's in a format that is compatible already with Wintel boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddG View Post
    1. ... Since the Adobe apps arent Universal yet, you're probably just as well off running them in Parallels as "native" WinXP apps.
    That is not an answer here because an iBook is a Power PC machine. The best that could be done is to run Microsofts Virtual PC with an appropriate version of Windows. That will be slow.

    I would continue to try to get through to Adobe. Some companies allow you to cross grade, but you may have to send in your install CDs.

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    Well, I got the Adobe part of the problem resolved. No, I didn't get 'free software.'

    The Router problem has been narrowed to the WEP encryption input problem.

    Connecting the iBook directly to the router via cable and it works like a champ.
    I just simply *cannot* get the wireless adaptor to take and recognize the 10 ASCII digit WEP key. I've also tried converting to Hex--unfortunately, this results in an 9 digit Hex key. The Adaptor will not take a $ (suggested by some) or a ""--in both cases neither show in the dialog box, nor do they "count" as invisible characters...getting pretty frustrated with this. Any suggestions?
    Since it obviously runs seamlessly with the Router, it must be the wireless adaptor. DWL-122. Is there a better wireless adaptor for a G3 iBook?

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    I use an Aria Extreme PCMCIA card in my G4 TiBook and it works like a charm.

    However, my ex-gf stupidly knocked my 'Book off my bed and cracked the card, so now the range is shot on it, but apart from that, it works very well. I used to be able to go outside and have a smoke, whilst my router was about 100ft away (in my dorm room @ college).

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    Machine does not have a PCMCIA slot. Only USB ports.

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