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    Nov 28, 2006
    which mac to buy
    i have decided to make the switch.
    after seeing what apples are about i dont think i can go back to a straight pc.
    im in australia so these prices are aussie dollars.
    these are my options of what i can buy and also what upgrades i plan to do in the future if i got that model.

    1. mac mini 1.66 1gig ram Amount ex GST A$ 971.82
    GST A$ 97.18
    Subtotal A$ 1,069
    i would like to buy a good 19/20" widescreen monitor to go with it so add 370 to 500 bucks. would have to upgrade the cpu later on.

    2. mac mini 1.83 1g ram Amount ex GST A$ 1,244.54
    GST A$ 124.45
    Subtotal A$ 1,368.99
    plus monitor etc

    3. mackbook 1.83 c2d Amount ex GST A$ 1,590.00
    GST A$ 159.00
    Subtotal A$ 1,749.00 upgrade ram later poss cpu. i have an external dvd burner

    4. imac 17 base model 512 ram 1.83 ghz Amount ex GST A$ 1,408.18
    GST A$ 140.82
    Subtotal A$ 1,549.00

    all these use the gma 950

    or these two
    imac 17 2gz 1gram Amount ex GST A$ 1,680.91
    GST A$ 168.09
    Subtotal A$ 1,849.00

    a used /ex demo core duo 20 inch imac for A$1,599 from here***...arancelist.pdf
    from what ive read i can put a core 2 duo in this machine. if i were to do this would this bring it up to the same standard as the core 2 duo imac

    what ere your opinions
    im not to fussed over portability. the only thing i worry about is the gpu i want to make sure it can handle future projects i may do (no games really)


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    Nov 09, 2005
    I notice you've got two Mac Mini options in your choices. Ya know, you could buy the cheapest config Mac Mini and upgrade it yourself, if you were so inclined. Here's a link to some people who have done it. You can upgrade the HDD, CPU, and memory in those things. The amount of $$ Apple charges for memory is often outrageous.
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    Nov 18, 2006
    24" imac, standard apart from 256Mb VRAM
    I was going to go for a mini because I already have a 19" widescreen monitor. Then I saw the iMac's and realised that the core2 duo processor, better hard disc and graphics card all built into a nice package was too good to refuse. Then once I saw the difference between the screen on the 20" and the 24", I had to get the 24:robot:

    Once you upgrade the mini and buy a monitor, you might as well have got an imac and upgrade the ram later on.

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