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    Dec 01, 2006
    I made the SWITCH
    So about 2 weeks ago I made the switch. 1st Macbook would not power on. The 2nd one kept rebooting for no reason. The 3rd one is working great. I have to admit, that I absolutely love the OS. I had never even touched a Mac before buying one, and just took the plunge. I will say that I know I might get flamed, but Macbooks seem to have as many problems as PCs, but nonetheless, I am not looking back. Thanks to all the great posts here, because with all of my searching, it made me realize how much I wanted one. Bought the Core 2 Duo with 1gb ram. (white)

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    Nov 29, 2006
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    Hope you have a good time with you new macbook.

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    Congrats.! on your new purchase!

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    Oooh I recently made the swtich aswell..

    I am liking it very much so far. Very intuitive, very nice, and the design of the keyboard on the macbook. Me loves it.

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    congrats to you both..

    I was on the M-F honor roll for month : May 2007

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    sorry to hear about your initial difficulties.

    seems like it's kind of hit and miss. i've had no troubles with mine yet (purchased a couple months ago); knock on wood!

    sounds like the third times a charm for you - continued good luck!

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