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    SD Cards
    I may be in the wrong place to ask this, but, I have an SD card with pictures on it that I can't seem to get deleted. I have tried to do it thru the camera but no good. Anyone tell me how?

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    You can delete them from your computer if you have a card reader.
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    Some SD cards have a physical lock switch on them that makes them read only, to protect against unintentional erasure. Have you checked to see if yours is one of those?

    Assuming your card is not physically protected, you should be able to delete from y.our camera. One reason that you might not be able to is that the card was not originally formatted by the same camera. Almost all cameras however will reformat cards no matter which other cameras may have written on to them. So, if you want to delete everything, use your camera's menu system to reformat the card. This is usually quick and painless (provided you have saved off or don't care about the photos on the card!).
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    lock switch

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