Hi all, i hope i have posted in the correct sub-forum.

Having read many threads here, i am convinced that the Mac is the only route out of Windows wasteland.

My friend has advised it would be good to start with an iMac, (i don't need portability, yet). I don't have much money and figured that its much cheaper to get a 2nd hand Mac. However, as i have never purchased 2nd hand computers or Macs for that matter, i have some enquiries.

1. What should i look out for when i have am purchasing/have purchased the Mac? Honestly, i have no idea. Moreover, i would not know what is normal on a Mac, since i have never used one consistently before.
2. At the risk of sounding paranoid, how do i ensure that the machine i have purchased is functional? I mean, what happens if it is spoilt, what do i do? Do i return it to the seller? What if he/she refuses? Actually, i might not know its spoilt, lol.
3. As for items that should be included, it is listed in the Apple store. Are there any other things that one receives when purchasing? For example, i should ask for the receipt of purchase from the seller?
4. Lastly, as long as the Mac is within warranty, i can get APP. I believe that from most threads here, the main consensus is 'Go for APP'

I plan to replace my current desktop with an intention to

1. Surf
2. Music/Videos/Movies
3. Content creation (minimal) - Photoshop/Flash/Site Creation
4. Games - WOW/WC3TFT which i know the iMac can support well
5. Work, obviously w/ Mac Office 2004 (any idea whena new version is coming out?)

Initially, i was advised by some to get a Rev. B G5 iMac w/ iSight. However, that was a while ago and prices have dropped. Seeing how well the Intel transition has been, and to have the ability to run windows-specific programs, i think an Intel iMac is the way to go.

I have managed to find an 20' 2.16Ghz C2D iMac that's 25% cheaper than the retail price - used for 2 months. Is that significant? I honestly have no clue how to gauge the viability of the purchase except with reference to price @ Apple Store and/or Refurb Macs.

Thanks! I'm sure many of you are experienced in this field, seeing the flurry of activity @ eBay.