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    How do I make my own CD?
    Hi. I like Sides One of David Bowie's Low and Heroes. How do I make my own CD consisting of Sides one of both albums? I have never done this before. Can someone get me started? More importantly, is there a reference built into my computer that I can look up and that will guide me toward this goal? I just got a new iMac and I would like to learn how to do everything with it.

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    If you have imported the albums/CDs in question into iTunes, you can simply rip them back to CD in whatever order you choose. If you click on HELP in the menu bar while in iTunes and then type in something like CD burning or CD ripping, it will tell you how to do both.

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    Import the cds into Itunes. Then create a play list (the plus sign on the bottom left of itunes) and drag the songs from both the albums that you want onto the play list. Then insert a blank disk and click burn on the bottom right on your play list.
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    Ok I have time so I'll be detailed.

    1) Insert your first source CD into your iMac. Open iTunes and you will se the CD appear in the Source list on the left. If it hasn't begun already, start the ripping process by pressing the "Import CD" button in the bottom right corner of iTunes 7. It's in the top right for older versions of iTunes.
    The CD will begin to import, this will take some time.

    2) Once imported, repeat step (1) for all other CD's that have Tracks you want.

    3) Go to you Library by clicking "Music" in the Library Source list you should see your Tracks from the CD's here.

    4) Click the little plus-button in the bottom left corner. It create a new playlist. Name the playlist. Now drag the tracks from the library to this playlist.

    5) Once you've dragged the tracks, make sure you haven't got more than 74 minutes of music (because of CD size limit) in the playlist (check at bottom) and organize the tracks in the order you want them on your CD (by drag&drop).

    6)Insert a blank CD-R. In your playlist, hit the Burn to Disc button in the bottom right corner (same place where you found the import CD button). Now the disc will burn. Once done, eject and enjoy.
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    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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