Hello All:

I am a recent Windows -> Mac convert; been a power Windows user for years and enjoying the whole OS X experience so far.

I have a question regarding my external USB hard drive which is 250 GB in size. It was formatted as NTFS with about 100 GB of data and in the process of getting it converted over to HFS+ without losing any data, I have ended up with two HFS+ halves of 125 GB each.

My questions is: Is there a way to combine the two halves without formatting the drive? Is anyone aware of any 3rd party tool that will do this? I have already tried iPartition and it fails to find a partition table on the external hard drive. I have also read an article on macgeekery.com which discusses the use of resizeVolume as a flag to diskutil - however their example uses the utility to shrink an existing partition as opposed to growing it.

Thank you in advance,