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Thread: How do I setup middle click on macbook pro

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    How do I setup middle click on macbook pro
    I need to have an easy to use solution for middle click (firefox opens tabs and closes them with middle click)

    On the trackpad I can tap with two fingers for right click, is there a way for middle click?

    any good mod programs to hack this trackpad so its usefull like my t23 was?

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    for now you can cmd(apple key)+click. I believe it does what you need. Also you can ctrl+click for right click as well.

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    you can't middle click on a stock OSX i think...or maybe there's some 3 key combo for middle clicking that's hidden for finding a hack i'd suggest you look around on MacUpdate and see what they have but i haven't heard of any programs out for MBP that let's you modify clicks. i could be wrong though.

    but why not just use a mouse of some sort?

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    I read somewhere that tapping with 3 fingers is like middle-click.

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    There is only 'left' and 'right' (properly referred to as 'primary' and 'secondary') click on a standard trackpad. Most PC laptops (with the exception of Thinkpads, as you mention) only have two buttons too. What is it that you're trying to do that's not possible with only two buttons?

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    This is an old thread but I would also like an answer to this if you got one.

    By the way, in answer to the person who asked how to do a middle button with only 2 buttons - you click both simultaneously, and its an indispensable facility if you come from the linux world since it serves as 'paste'.
    I hate the long winded having to right-click or ctrl-click then select paste - surely Apple have at least one engineer who has heard of ergonomics

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    Third party but better touch tool has ways to setup gestures for middle click, ctrl click, etc - pretty much everything.
    Great Tools For Your Mac By Andreas Hegenberg BetterTouchTool & SecondBar

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