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Thread: DELL DJ to mac

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    DELL DJ to mac
    is there any possible way to get the music off my dell dj onto my new macpro??? my sucky dell crashed, so i cant get to my library.

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    Have you tried plugging the Dell DJ into the MacPro? Does any icon show up on the desktop at all? I know nothing about the Dell DJ but was hoping it might mount as a drive.

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    I used to have one. If you plug it in it will not mount as a drive, nor will iTunes see it. You will need to download XNJB from there you can copy all the music onto your hard drive.

    I will also suggest Flip4Mac this will enable you to play the .wma files that are most likely on your DJ. Also EasyWMA (converts .wma to .mp3), it's a great easy App, just spend the $10 and you will be forever iTunes compatible.

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