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Thread: Buying from an Apple Store ?s

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    Buying from an Apple Store ?s
    we're buying a 24' iMac with a RAM upgrade and the video card upgrade, and a MacBook. I was at our Apple store yesterday and I was told we had to order the iMac online due to the video card upgrade.

    my question is about the data transfer. we were told it would be done with the MacBook, but not the iMac, because it was purchased online.

    if I'm forced to buy an upgraded machine from the Apple website, shouldn't my store just do the data transfer?

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    I would think that they should, I am sure you could ask if the genius bar can to it for you. Make a regular appointment with them, bring your macbook and your imac and ask them to transfer that data for you.
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    They should do it. If not, you just need a firewire cable - your new iMac will ask if you want to migrate stuff across the first time you boot it up. It's really easy.

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    It's a paid service isn't it...

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    Believe that service is part of ProCare package.

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    As I understand it, Apple stores are an extention of Apple for the consumer, not just a retail store that sells their products, so they should provide any service for their products sold online that they would provide or products purchased right in the store.

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    It might be easier to just do it yourself. All you need is a firewire cable, and the macs will take care of the rest. It literally walks you through it step by step when you first boot up the iMac. It involves:

    -Connecting the cable from Mac A to Mac B
    -Putting Mac A in firewire target disk mode
    -Using setup assistant to automatically transfer the data
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