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    Opening pdf files in browser
    I find it more convenient to open pdf files in the browser, like I used to do in windows, instead of downloading them. Now, using safari or firefox, a window appears whenever I click on a pdf file link asking me if either I want to save it or open it using Preview. Preview is fine but I prefer Acrobat reader. So I tried to change the prefernces of both Preview and Acrobat reader so that pdf files are always opened using Acrobat, and made sure the same case applies when I open the files in a browser (this can be found in Acrobat reader preferences). However, I still have to save pdf files on my computer to open them with Acrobat, they forcefully open with Preview using a browser.

    Any suggestions?
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    You may want to look at Safari's preferences, as I think there's a way to set it to be the default app to open PDFs from the web.
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    Ok, I looked in Safari's preferences and couldn't find something related

    But on firefox I found "Download Actions", and could use "View & Edit Actions". A table of some file formats and their corresponding application is shown, but I can't do anything to the contents of this table. There is an "Add action" button but it's disabled.
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    Have you tried getting info for a PDF on your machine and changing it open with Reader (click change all too).

    Try downloading Reader again too. PDFs open in Safari for me.

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    Maco -- I've been trying to do this for months with no luck. I've changed settings on Firefox but it still wants to use Preview or save the pdf to the desktop. I think, but I'm not sure, that it has to do with Adobe not providing a plug-in for Mac OSX.

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    Thank you all
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