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    Firefox and saving passwords (need suggestions on saving them)
    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know why or how firefox chooses its sites to save passwords for you?

    Is there a rhyme or reason?

    8 out of 10 sites I login to, firefox asks if i'd like to save a password. but the other 20% of the sites i go to, it doesnt even come up to save the password.

    Is there a reason for this? Maybe the SSL or HTTPS encryption, and firefox is not allowed to save the password because the site or login is encrypted or protected?

    For example, when i to my online credit card, firefox saves it...but when I go to yahoo mail, and put in my password...firefox does not come up and ask to save my password.

    Kinda weird, both have enhanced encryption, but it doesnt ask for me to save on yahoo.

    Is there a shortcut, or buttons I can hit when entering my password so firefox knows I want it to be saved?

    It's getting really annoying, and I miss my roboform for my windows machine.

    any help or suggestions would be great.

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    It depends on how the website author wrote the html. They can disallow auto logins and autofill using html code.
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    this can be done in FireFox Prefs.
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    One thing may be that you could have already selected "not for this site" when prompted the first time to save the password.

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    There is a script you can put in greasemonkey to override so you can save a yahoo password and log in, in opera all you do is hit the wand and log in automatically.

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