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    2 Day old Mac Member - Installing media player problem
    Hey guys, nice to meet all of you.
    Great forum, and really good information here. Did some searching, and learned a lot tricks/tips already.

    I do have one quick question though. I'm using camino browser, and I love it...but my favorite site is giving me a problem.

    In my other laptops, media player would be embedded into the problems.

    Now with the MAC, it's asking for me to install windows media so it can play the files within the browser.

    Now my 2 questions are

    A. can I somehow switch that so that quicktime plays in the browser at al times, or is it the actual source (website) that is telling me that i NEED to use windows media or i will not be able to view.


    B. I tried to download windows media 9 for mac. both the bin file and the hgx file. BOth of them are getting stuck at "preparing" when using stuffit.

    I left it overnight, thinking that maybe it would take a while to unpack, i came back this morning, and it will still stuck there...I had to do a force quit to get it out of there.

    Am i missing something with the install? Is STUFF IT just like winrar, and maybe its just one of the million different unpacking, or unraring programs out there. Maybe if i download another unpacking program it will work.

    Has anyone encountered that issue when installing windows media for mac, or any other software for that matter?

    When i double click the bin file, it goes right to STUFF IT, and says "preparing".

    ANy help would be great.

    THanks in advance, and I look forward to learning and hanging out here in this forum .


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    yes, i found flip4Mac after posting...however the Camino browser doesnt seem to have nice integration the windows movies in the browser. It gets all messed up, and the script is not stable. It's much better when using firefox.

    I will go back to firefox it seems, thanks guys

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    2 iMacs 17+20" 2.16GHz 2GB RAM 500MB HDD 256MB Graphic card. 60Gig 5th gen iPod with Video
    A Mate in the US swears by this program I've not used it myself but it seem interesting

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    I was going to suggest VLC but it doesn't work on a random video I downloaded from UselessJunk. I downloaded and installed Democracy, thinking I would be able to look at this same video but it doesn't work either.

    If Flip4Mac doesn't work, I would think that this has to do with the encoding of those videos. Some people think there are only Windoze machines out there and don't bother with cross-platform compatibility during the encoding process. :radioacti

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    Regarding the first question I have nothing more to say than what is said already.

    But for the other question yes, I had the same problem and tried thousand times to solve it. It gets stuck in Prepairing, and even when I stop it it gets stuck in Stopping so I force to quit. I knew it would be a stupid mistake and I just figured it out today.

    Go to Stuffit preferances and UNCHECK "Continue to expand if possible"

    Then try to run windows media player installer using Stuffit and it will expand it to a ".sitx" expandable file. Expand the new one and windows installer should be ready

    Hope that's enough

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