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    Install download?
    I downloaded a trial version of a lasersoft program that had a .sit suffix. The documentation/user download asked for a program to open it. Nothing in the applications looked appoiate so I specified my Word trial program. It didn't open it and set itself (word) as the default application.

    When I double clicked the program download on my desktop it tried to use word to open the program instead of running an installer.

    I removed the word demo but now when I try to open the demo program it says that no application is specified to open it.

    What's up?

    I have downloaded other programs nd just double clicking opeded the installer and all was fine.

    Boy, do I sound like a Mac newbie!

    thanks for any help.
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    LOL Mattlike! I just got my new iMac about 5 days ago and have been going nuts over this big time. Just hours ago, I learned that 10.4+ doesn't have Stuffit loaded even though, Stuffit is an option in "open in" leading people to believe they have it. Gah! What were they thinking?

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