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Thread: switcher.. problem with firefox tabs

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    Unhappy switcher.. problem with firefox tabs
    I just made the switch to a mac and having a hard time finding how things work on a mac.
    I just got last week the iMac 20" and one of the first things I did was download firefox but now I can't customize it, for some reason the tabs are missing the x to close them and when I go to preferences and try to change say to a different skin i tell it to "use theme" but there is no "apply" button like in the PC, after I hit the "use theme" a close it but when I re-open it everything still the same.
    It supposed to become effective as soon as I hit the "use theme" correct?

    Thank you in advance for the help.


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    Very weird. Can't say I have that much experience with FF, but on my Mac it works just fine, and themes are applied after a restart. About the closing button - sure you have version 2?

    Ahh, if you want to close FF you have to either press Apple+Q or Right-click on the FF icon on the dock and tell it to quit. If you don't, Firefox will still be running, and the next time you click the dock-icon, it'll just continue as if it's never been closed.

    If there's a small triangle under the dock icon, the program is still running. So if that doesn't go away, you haven't quit FF properly.

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    You have to be running 2.0 of Firefox and it will have the X to close the tab. The older version did not do that that I can remember.

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    Big Thank you!!
    It wasn't closing completely but after I did Apple+Q it close then I re-start it and the right theme is on and the x to close tabs is also there.

    Thanks again.

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