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    Power saving kicks in when DVD is playing
    I've noticed that if you're watching a fullscreen DVD the power saving settings still kicks in (i.e. it goes to sleep). Is there any way to disable these power saving settings whenever you're running a fullscreen application?


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    Are you using Apple's DVD Player application? One of the benefits I've found is that it will prevent screen dimming, etc. when a DVD is playing.

    The best way to do it is to set up a custom power profile that basically turns off ALL power saving, and quickly switch to it using the power icon in the menu bar.

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    I noticed the same problem and I am using my MBP out of the box, so it is absolutely the native DVD player. It was a very disappointing first impression of the machine that is supposed to be so user-friendly and intuitive.

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    that is very odd, i would take a quick browse of's preferences and if that doesnt work go and play with your energy settings in system preferences.
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