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Thread: Printing woes

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    Printing woes
    Since you all did such an outstanding job with my first question, I have another one for you! I am having a hard time getting my networked printer to print from my mac. I have done the printer utility, etc and it finds it, can tell me how much ink it has, and all that. But, when I go to print anything it tellos me it's sending to the printer, all looks well from this end, but the printer is madly spewing out either all the paper in the tray with nothing on it, or several pages partially printed that starts out with "%!PS-Adobe-3.0" and goes on with more unintelligible but obviously very important stuff It goes like this until I stop and delete the print job. have tried printing an email, a Text edit page, and a few other things. I have installed new drivers on both my mac and the desktop PC that that printer belongs to. What is going on and how do I fix it?

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    What is the brand of the printer? It kinda sounds like a problem with ghost script / post script and your printer.
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