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    Monitor problems
    I recently bought a G4 off of someone and it has OSX Panther on it already. I have a 19' Viewsonic CRT Ultrabrite A90f+ monitor with it also. The optimization software for it doesn't seem to load and I am thinking it only works for OS 9 system. Do any other Mac users have this monitor..and if not can you recommend good CRT monitors for $220 or less that work well with Macs?

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    all monitors should work with mac so I would check all the cable and connecters to make sure there is no problems.

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    Is it possible you are trying to load PC software onto the Mac? PCs require drivers, and it sounds like your "optimization software" might be something like that. Will the monitor simply work when you plug it in? If so, you can make the necessary viewing adjustments in the Mac preferences and you're good to go.

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    This thread is > 5 years old. I don't think the OP is coming back.
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