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    New G5 with questions..
    Good evening! This is my first post on the boards and my first Mac that I will be receiving by FedEx tomorrow! I am so beyond excited and I am hoping that I will not be let down by the G5 performance. I tend to do the usual stuff on PC's which include surfing the net, instant messaging, some PS work and I game (UnrealTournament, etc)

    I picked the G5 because of it's speed and silence, but above all I wanted a machine that would last me a long time from here on in.. I am hoping the massive upgrade capability of the G5 will hold me through the next few years. The PC world is beyond aggrivating and I am so done with the PC issues.. I talk to my computer techs about problems I have/had with my PC and the answer always seems to be.. "well just blow it out and reinstall".. how rediculous is that I say to myself.. So I have been blowing out my P3 every 6 months to a year.. I am hoping I won't ever have to deal with those problems again with my new Mac..

    Althogh.. This brings me to the couple of questions I have for you all...

    I will be hooking up to a network with my brother who will be on a PC.. Will I have problems playing games with him such as Unreal Tournament and or Halo?

    Does anyone have a list of games that can be installed on Mac & PC with a single disk?

    And my final question for this evening.....

    The machine comes with 512 DDR.. I would like to upgrade to a Gig.. Any recommendations on what brand DDR to buy?

    Thanks for all of your help and I am sure you will be seeing me around much more often after I get my G5!!!

    Oh.. And one gripe about the Mac's.. You spend all this money on top of the line systems and they throw a GeForce 5200 in it? ICK!... Atleast the Radeon 9600 is a little bit better.. But you would think they would come standard with better Graphics Cards...

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    Any Blizzard games should come with both PC and Mac versions on the same disc. UT and Halo works fine between PC and Mac version IIRC.

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    Excellent! Thank you..

    I will have to check those out..

    I ordered the new UT2004 and also Halo a week or so ago.. So should be receiving them anyday now..

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    UT2004 isn't exactly out yet... Just the demo.
    Speaking of which, has anyone managed to get a working version of the UT 2004 demo? All I've gotten is 4 corrupt downloads. Sigh.

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