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    Starting to Regret Switching...
    It seems like no programs work properly, even the ones that came with my Powerbook. My powerbook is BRAND NEW. I don't get this and I'm getting so frustrated.

    Ichat doesn't show the messages I send in my window so I can't even see what I typed, only what others type to me.

    I don't even remember what I've typed sometimes.... it doesn't show up, only a thought bubble with 3 dots "..."

    Ichat won't let me change the font displayed in IM's (it gives me an error message... "NSRangeException"... "Range or Index out of Bounds"...?????

    Why isn't IChat on the ILife install disc? How to I reinstall it? And why should I if my mac is brand new? *Sigh*

    AIM crashes CONSTANTLY... within seconds of opening a buddylist, it's gone. I've downloaded, deleted, redownloaded, and it still does this. I think it only crashes when I use Iexplorer... so I should use Safari, right?

    Safari pages never load, not even the apple home page that's supposed to open on startup of Safari loads. Plus, it won't let me transfer my favorites from Iexplorer to Safari. It also CRASHES.

    WHAT'S GOING??? MY MAC IS CRASHING A HUNDRED TIMES MORE THAN MY PC EVER DID! I thought macs were supposed to be the opposite.... My Powerbook is only FOUR days old. PLEASE someone help me !!!!

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    Bad installation. Resinstall the OS. Or.... could be Fontbook.. that messed up a lot of peoples stuff.

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    Ide just reinstall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessM
    WHAT'S GOING??? MY MAC IS CRASHING A HUNDRED TIMES MORE THAN MY PC EVER DID! I thought macs were supposed to be the opposite.... My Powerbook is only FOUR days old. PLEASE someone help me!!!!
    Well it goes without saying that you shouldn't be having these problems. Since the issues sound pretty severe and concern more than one application, I'd reccomend as others have to reinstall OSX. Try this first though:

    1. Restart. Your screen will go dark, and after the starup chime hold down CMD-OPTION-P-R keys (CMD on Macs is the key with the Apple logo and squiggle on it). Hold those keys down until you hear the chime again and then let go. This resets the PRAM which are some settings that are stored between restarts. Occasionally they can get corrupted and cause problems. You may notice some System Preference settings reverting to defaults after doing this (I think the date and time are wiped out IIRC), but that's normal.

    Try using the PBook for awhile and see if you're still having problems. If you are, then

    2. Backup any files and reinstall OSX. After you insert the CD 1 and click Install it will restart. Go through the installation dialogs and be sure to pick the option that erases the hard drive before installing.

    After you're done with this process, try using the PB again. If you're still having problems, or if the installation fails or PB locks up for some odd reason, you might be looking at a hardware problem, it's not unheard of. Any mass produced electronic device is suceptable to bad parts making it out into the world. My first early colored iMac needed a new motherboard out of the box because it was locking up for no good reason. It cost me nothing of course. Take it to an Apple Store, or if there isn't one near you, call AppleCare and they will send you a box to ship the PB out for servicing.

    I know it's frustrating but honestly Mac should not be crashing like yours is so it's just a question of addressing what's wrong. Don't be afraid to call Apple Care and get some results, they should be very helpful.

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    Ok, I put in the mac os x disc and reinstalled the os, is my hardrive supposed to be a "clean" start or is it supposed to look the same.... because everything looks the same... I'm gonna check AIM and IChat out to see how they're working.


    I'm officially gonna pull my hair out.

    Ichat is still shot, that is if I did reinstall mac os x properly... please keep in mind I'm brand new to this and I'm not sure how to tell.

    AIM is still crashing.

    Safari is still not loading any page.

    How do I install mac os and all the programs to a clean slate?

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    first things first...take a breath and realize your Mac is still under warranty...woohoo...half the battle is won! it's just chat's a little thing and you should not be sweating the little things.

    take it to the Apple store and have a second set of eyes take a look....oh, and pick up that hair of the floor before your friends come over....later

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    try deactivating the font called "marlett" in the fontmanager/ should all work then

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    Didnt wanna say anything when I first switched............. but I aint that good with macs actually, Us ex-PC people are better off with PC's- but you never know what could happen. lol

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    Slick I suggest you go to your nearest book retail store and pick up the book that pertains to your set-up by Robin Williams, she can help you learn OS X and Mac in no time!

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    I reinstalled OS X. It was the fonts screwing everything up (the ones I transfered from my PC via a switch disc) I went through everything and now everything and deleted the font(s) that were corrupting things. Now everything is perfect. Thanks!

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