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    Rookie Questions - Reposting in proper forum
    Hi - appologies for my TOTAL lack of MAC knowledge!!!

    Thinking of switching my old tired desktop PC for a shiny new MacBook Pro 15.4, with 2Gb RAM. My biggest concern is my current investment in PC software. I am an amateur digitial photographer (part of the rationale to switch to a laptop), and currently use the PC version of Photoshop CS2, along with other PC photo utilities.

    1. Will PC programs run in some sort of "emulation mode" under OS X on an Intel-based platform?
    2. If I installed PARALLELS, with a Windows XP instance, would CS2 execute at anywhere near the speed of a Mac version? Would it work well enough to be practical in the field?
    3. Data files. I have a LOT of Microsoft Office-based data files. Is there an analog in OS X, which would be able to open PC-based documents?
    4. USB 2.0. I have many USB external devices - does the MacBook Pro provide sufficient current to drive most portable drives? Will external drives currently used on my PC be recognized automatically, or will some configuration be required.

    I appologize for the "rookie" questions - I'm trying to make sure that a switch is practical for me.

    Thank you all in advance....!!!

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    You posted your questions in a proper forum the first time and did receive answers. :black: There was no need to repost this as a cross-post.

    Original thread is here:
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