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    A few q's from a pc-to-mac switcher
    I've had some q's about my mac since I switched recently, wonder if anybody can help answer these. thanks!

    • how do I create shortcuts to open programs through the keyboard (as opposed to the mouse)

    • Can anybody suggest tools to make work on a mac more efficient?
    • Entourage has gotten very slow. How to speed up the speed with which it does things especially searches for things?
    • How to prevent Entourage from asking every time if i'd like to open the file because some files have viruses (entourage)?
    • I have lots of duplicate email in my entourage inbox, emails that Entourage downloaded twice. Anybody know of a way to have Entourage automatically remove emails that have 2 copies in the inbox?
    • In mac, is there a word shortcut for inserting a comment?
    • Possible to have entourage add all recipients i send to into my address book?
    • how to have Entourage alert with sound when new email arrives?

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    1) Sytem Preferences--> Keyboard & Mouse --> Keyboard Shortcuts then click the "+" symbol on the left, select application and then choose shortcut.

    2)Don't understand. In what way more efficient, it's a very vague question.

    3&4)Sorry I use Mail.

    5) N/A

    6&7) Check the Preferences option of Entourage

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but most of your questions related to Entourage so you may have been better posting about that. I personally prefer Mail as it's straight forward and simply laid out.
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    I don't intend this in a negative way... but... perhaps you need to switch a bit further away from the Microsoft stable? I used Entourage for the first week (I migrated from PC land in June) and it was horrible! Slow and clunky... it doesn't help that it's a PPC application (I'm assuming you've got an Intel?).

    Try Mail, it may look simple but it does everything I need, and it integrates to Address Book and Calendar to give you all the contact / event organising. It even alerts with sound when a new mail arrives

    Similarly, with MS Word, you should perhaps give NeoOffice a look - it's Office compatible and free and again, from my light / medium usage, it's provided everything I've needed. I guess it's got comment support too

    Both Mail and NeoOffice are Universal Binaries so they're inherently faster than Microsofts current Office offering for the Mac, I believe they have a new one coming next year if you want to shell out for an upgrade.

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    Entourage doesn't give me warnings about viruses when opening programs. Maybe there's a setting in the prefs somewhere?

    Have you updated to 10.4.8? (look in Software update). It increases the speed of non-Intel programs like Entourage.

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