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    23" ACD for Color Critical Work - First Post
    Hello to all! This is my first post and I look forward to hanging out here. This forum seems to have some really nice and helpful members. I just got my Macbook Pro last week and I am slowly getting acquainted with it and OSX. So far, I am having a blast with this truly remarkable machine.

    I am looking for a 23"-24" widescreen monitor for my professional photography and have been looking seriously at the 23" ACD. I will be using it with a PC until I can make the final move over to Mac Pro. I have heard many good things about this monitor. Could anybody using a newer 23" ACD comment on how they like their monitor and if they feel it can perform color critical work? What brand of color calibration software/hardware have you been using?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!
    J. Paul

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    Apple and Lacie are the only two brands I would consider for colour critical work. Apple Cinema Displays are excellent.

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    I use apple cinema displays but I don't know how accurate they are for print. I use them for video production, but also use a broadcast monitor.
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    Took the plunge on a ACD 23"
    Thanks for all your input about the 23" ACD for color critical work. I just hooked up my new 23" ACD and she is a beauty. Everything looks good so far, but I want to now calibrate with my Spyder 2. I have never calibrated an LCD and don't know how to get started. When I started my Spyder 2 software it still hads the old profile from my CRT in it. How do I get it to recognize my ACD, and then once located how do I make my adjustments?

    Any help here would be appreciated!
    J. Paul

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    Dell 24" Or Apple are fine. the studio i work in has just upgraded monitors with a mixture of Dell and Apple CD 23".

    We calibrate our monitors each fortnight with a pantone spider puc.

    From the testswe have done the Dell is better then the Apple display. Better blacks, greys ,midtones and more accurate colour. (not by much though).
    The Dells require much less calibration and are nearly dead on at factory default.

    Also we have two30" monitors one Dell and one Apple. I would say the Apple looks better, the Dell performs slightly better (not to mention much cheaper)
    But one thing the Dell kill the Apple 30" CD is the fact itsheight is adjustable. I have no idea why the Apple CD is not Adjustable?

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