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    Talking iMac arrived
    My iMac finally arrived. I think the FedEx guy was just as excited to deliver it as I was to receive it. I have a LOT of questions as this is my first Mac, but I'll wait until I have more time to improve the learning curve before I start firing off questions. I think my PC is jealous of the Mac desktop, I fired up my PC today (can't get online with the Mac yet) and the desktop was pastel and 'swooshy', looked a lot like the Mac. Unfortunately it means something is wrong with the PC.

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    Welcome to the Mac Community!

    and dont worry, ive been using macs all my life and i still get a special feeling when i get home everyday.

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    welcome and hope you enjoy your new mac! I got my first mac last week and am loving it. My only regret is that I didn't switch sooner!!

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