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    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way I can have an application running while I'm not logged on. I want my mini to automatically start parallels at boot, but I don't want the mini to automatically log me in.

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    You can add applications to your login items in the Accounts prefpane in System Preferences. That way, it will start up Parallels as soon as you log in.

    Unless you choose to log a user in at boot, no special applications will start up.
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    It might be possible. The new Apple way of performing this type of task is to use Apple's launchd. The old Apple way is to use StartupItems. The Unix way is to create an rc.local file or mess with inetd stuff I think.

    You'll have to note if it needs to be started as a particular user other than root I think. You would use something like "sudo -u username <command strings>".

    launchd is explained a little bit here. The first two links in the first paragraph seem a good place to start.

    StartupItems seem to have a good intro here, but note tip 10 here.

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