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    Migrating from Mac Mini to IMac
    I bought a mac mini 2 months ago - and purchased a bunch of downloaded software. I am receiveing my iMac today and want to migrate all that software to the new machine. Is there a simple way to do this? There are tools for the PC world that I know of that let you create a build and move it - but i dont know if the same exists for the mac.

    As an aside question: How do I designate a download folder when downloading items from the internet? The mac mini seems to throw everything on the desktop which for me is the aboslute last place I'd want things going.... can you specify a downloaded applications folder or something to keep the system clearn and tidy?

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    Can't answer the first however the second is...

    Just change the Settings for the Program you are using to Download stuff...


    Go to Safari, Preferences, General Tab then change:
    Save Downloaded Files to: Desktop
    to What ever Folder/Destination you want!
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    On starting up your new iMac you get asked if you want to transfer data from another Mac . you'll need a cable . However I've never done it so can't say what happens but it is described several places .

    You have also iDisk just upload to your account and sync with it on your new iMac.

    Congrats and good luck:mac:

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    The Migration Assistant will move all you files and programs over. Matter of fact it will make an exact clone of the original system. You just need a 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cable.

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    I remember when booting up my mac for the first time, it asked me if I wanted to transfer files from my old mac to my new mac. Since I just made the transition from windows to mac, I had no use for this tool. But I'm going to assume it may come in handy and solve a few of your issues.

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    The Migration Assistant says it will allow you transfer Users, Applications, Network & Machine Settings, Files, and Volumes. It is capable of transfering from another Mac via a Firewire connection or from a volume (disk) on the machine your running it on.

    I used option 2 to do it all and don't remember having any problems. I did wonder if it copied an obsolete application from the Utilities directory, but that wouldn't affect anything. I have third party applications in a special folder, and it copied those too.

    The firewire trick requires that you boot the machine with the old system into a special firewire disk mode. That way it looks like just another volume.

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    Out of curiosity - what made you decide to migrate to an iMac? What did you like/not like about the Mini?

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