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    iPhoto - Seperate Accounts
    I set up seperate accounts on my new iMac for each of my family members. I would like my wife and I to be able to have access to our music and photos. I set the permissions on my music and photo folders already.

    On iTunes, I see that I can point to my directory on her login and then I just import to her library. My understanding is that it doesn't copy the songs again but just adds a reference to my songs in her library.

    But I can't find a similar setting in iPhoto. As far as I can tell, if I import, it copies everything to her directory thereby leaving duplicates on my hard drive and wasting space.

    Does anyone know how I can allow my wife to have full access to my iphoto library?

    On a related note, is there a way to let others (i.e. my kids) have read-only access while my wife still has full access? Can I set up groups? Thanks.

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    Can't this be done with the sharing feature in the iPhoto preferences ?
    This may have some interest too

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