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Thread: DVD Images on Other Computers

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    DVD Images on Other Computers
    So, I've placed the order for a Mac mini, the low-end model with just the CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. Now, since I do have other computers, and an external HDD, plus home network for Samba, getting files to another computer is not much of a problem.

    Now, the question is thus: if I use a video-editing program (ie: iMovie or Final Cut) to make a DVD-style (menus, chapters, etc) movie/image, would I be able to simply transfer it to another computer and burn it on a Windows machine? (As in, will it be an ISO or equivalent, or a proprietary image?)
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    Yes, you can. I did this all the time on my iBook.

    Follow this link for more info.


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    Totally! I burn cd/dvd images from my server/windows machine on my powerbook all the time, it's great, saves space and the copy time.

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