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    I was all set. I had my heart set on the 15.4" MacBook Pro Core2Duo, 2GB RAM when I found this:

    Frys has the 15.4MacBook Pro 2.16Ghze CoreDuo, 1GB Ram, 100GB Hdd for $1699.

    It's a 100 bucks more than the refurbs on, but this is not a refurb.

    Whatcha think? Save alot of money for software or go for the MBP C2D?

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    Personally I would go for the C2D MBP if I had the cash didnt mind getting rid of it. It should also be a big step up from the core duo. Can you still get apple care even though your buying from a third party? Applecare is very important and should not be overlooked.

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    Does it matter where you buy Applecare? If so can you explain why?

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