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    how to get all my files from PwrBook to MacPro
    Hey guys,

    I am going to be selling my 17" Powerbook in favor of a Mac Pro and I have some basic questions regarding the transfer of my important files from one computer to the other.

    a. what is the most reliable method of transfer?

    b. what folders do I need to make sure to copy? I definately want all my emails and iCal info as well as my preferences, bookmarks etc.

    c. what do I do about applications? for instance, I purchased an upgrade for quicktime. How do I go about installing that on the Mac Pro? I believe all other apps I have disks for so apps arent that big of a deal at this point

    d. I also want to make sure I dont bring over a bunch of crap to the new computer too though, lets just say my powerbook isnt the tidiest of computers. I have removed all that I know how to remove on my own but I am sure there is a reasonable amount of unwanted or unused files on there that I dont want on the new machine.

    e. and lastly how do return the powerbook to its original state before I bought it? So that whoever purchases it will be able to authenticate the computer for themselves and none of my info will be on the drive.

    thanks for the help,

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    I can't answer all of your questions but this is my experience as I just switched over all of my web design /graphics business to a new macbook.

    A) I would use an external USB hard drive. Its great for things like this and you can use it for backup! Other ideas would be: a large flash drive (caution not as reliable), a CD or DVD (also good to keep for future backup). You could also use wifi if you really had to but that would be a last option.

    B & C) If you post a list of programs that you need to copy/ what you would like to copy in those programs we could help you out better :-)

    D) This is what I would do:

    If you don't have to sell it before you get your new computer, just start using the Macbook and when you miss something, transfer it over. I was surprised just how much I DID NOT MISS on my old machine (and how happy I am with the non-clutter).

    Also if you do have/decide to buy an external hard drive I would just copy my entire hard drive over to the external just in case you forget something. There are obvious files (like a large part of the OS) that you won't ever need, but it may be simpler just to copy the whole darn thing.

    E) Good question...

    Hope this helps a little!
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    Under Applications > Utilities you will find the Mac OS Migration Assistant. This tool helps with moving stuff to newer Macs.
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    thanks guys

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    yes migration assistant is cool it allows you to select what you want to copy over(ie email, apps, etc) you can transfer over firewire.

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    to answer your last question, pop in your recovery disks and follow the steps. It will restore your power book to factory settings.

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