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Thread: Just Switched Yesterday!

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    Just Switched Yesterday!
    I was a pc user for years and finally got fed up enough this past week to just do it. I run a small busiiness and was simply tired of trying to keep the machines fixed instead of actually working on and growing my business.

    So, I did it. I went all the way.... Bought a PowerMac G5 and all I can say is "WOW!!!" I'm now in the "I wish I would have done this years ago" mode.

    I am now sporting a "I survived the blue screen of death by becoming a switcher!" t-shirt (Not really, but it would be fun)

    I know I have lots to learn about what this machine can do, but am thrilled with my purchase.... although it's kind of hard not to be!

    I'm sure I'll have some question... First thing I'm trying to find is a zip program. Does Stuffit create zip files, too, or just expands them? Trying to figure this one out. I've also seen "Zipit for Mac" I had been using WinZip on my p.c. or years.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??



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    Congrats on the switch

    Yes StuffIT can create zip files.

    can't think of any suggestions now but if you have any problems you can come back here
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    If you select one or more files, right click them, and press "Create Archive", it makes a .zip file of them. No extra software.

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    I usually put all the files into a folder than just right click the file and choose "Create Archive". But it all works.

    Congrats on your purchase Now you just have to get a couple for the house

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    yeah OSX is built in zipit

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    Congratulations. I just switched last week, and am of the same mind. There is no turning back now.

    Kind of like when you get broadband, you could never go back to dailup. Same idea here.

    If you have any questions this is the place to be. I have learned emensly since last week.

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    <<Kind of like when you get broadband, you could never go back to dailup. Same idea here.>>

    seriously! I got broadband and a Mac within two weeks of each computing life has dramatically improved.

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