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Thread: Just Got A PowerBook G4

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    Just Got A PowerBook G4
    Hi guys. I'm new here, obviously. I just got my first Mac. A PowerBook G4...15in.
    I'm already in love.

    Maeby you guys can send me to some useful sites, or give me any knowledge you migh have.

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    Best Media Player: VLC
    Best Browser: Safari
    Best Mail Program: Mail (Apple's app that is)
    iChat > AIM
    Best IRC client: X-chat

    Any other questions, come here.

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    (Look all these up on

    Best utility: Tigerlaunch
    Best iPod utility: Pod2Go
    Best system tweaking utility: Tinkertool
    Best P2P's: acqlite, Poisoned

    And a word of advice. Always keep more than one internet browser on your machine, incase you accidently delete one.

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