I have managed to change various other icons using the classic method of cutting and pasting over the old icons. However, i understand this does not work for Finder, trash, and a few other icons. I went through system/library/coreservices/finder, dock, etc.. , and made backups of the og icons, then replaced the png and icns files i could find.

here is my problem. everywhere else except for the dock the finder icon is the icon i changed it to. when im viewing the finder file, or when notifications pop up regarding finder, it is the proper image. i can get the icon to change in the dock by dragging finder into the dock and resetting it, then removing the extra finder icon. yet when i restart my computer, the finder icon changes to a blank generic icon that says .jpg. i have tried clearing all caches but it still doesnt help.

this has me really baffled, as the icon works everywhere else but the dock, where it works sometimes and sometimes doesnt. i hope i havent caused any permanent problems. if anyone out there knows whats going on, or has changed the finder icons successfully without using a program like candybar, cause i dont wanna download that, could you please help me out.

p.s. right now the icon has changed in the dock, but i have a feeling that once i restart my computer it will revert back to the blank .jpg logo. also, i am using tiger os x