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    Question Does anyone with iMAC sell items on EBAY?
    I need some help. Recently, I bought an iMAC G3 333 with 97 RAM OS 8.6, my first Mac ever, and I am a novice! I want to go onto EBay and sell stuff. I cannot figure out which program I need to use to sell items. EBay's helps seem to be only for Windows. Does anyone with an older iMAC sell on EBay? What kind of software, hardware setup do I need? I apologize if this is really,really basic, but I need a starting point. Thanks. Hank

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    I think all you need is a web browser..

    no additional software needed.

    You also need to have a credit card/checking account for verfication and uummm i think that's it.

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    Talking Skad.....thank You.
    Thanks, sKaD. I thought I had to have a special EBay solfware-selling program, like they show for Windows, or something. Theirs must be for the high-volume, fully automated, etc. I just did a "dummy trial run," (logging off at the last "continue" button, and it all worked just fine. Now, I have to get a digital camera (looking at EBay sale on Canon Powershot A20) and I am in business. Again, thank you. Hank

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    ya need to set up a sellers account and i believe you need to buy something first, but u already bought a imac so ur set.

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    Talking GRAPHITE....thanks
    I am REALLY good in the EBay "buying" category!
    I queried several people about selling on Ebay and received conflicting answers. They only use Windows, so why did I expect them to know????? Had not occurred to me to find and ask an iMAC Forum until today. Am just getting comfortable with this 333 G3. Left Win 98 behind forever. Plan to keep this iMAC as is except to up the RAM to 256, Plan to spend time reading these forums and familiarize myself with the world of iMacintosh. I thank this forum for the help. Hank

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    ruralguy: Welcome to Macs... and 1999 :-/
    Still a good machine, don't get me wrong.

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    Unhappy attn. STARMANTA
    True.true..sigh... Should have bought newer,faster. Hindsight, you know.

    But, considering that my first computer was an IBM clone running at seven (7) MHz, I am really on the high side at 333!


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