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    qc dsm tsi
    Question transfering from office 2003(pc) - Entourage
    ok, im helping a friend of mine make his switch from pc's to macs. Now what we did is exported all of his files from outlook: ie- inbox, sent folders, contacts, and calender. I was successful in opening up the contacts, but having no luck with the others. NEED HELP, this is for a business, so its critical i get this to work. Has anyone run across this before?

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    What mail reader are you using? I'm assuming Entourage...

    Have you tried Mail yet? not only is it a kick-*** mail reader, it has a nice Import option.

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    qc dsm tsi
    Quote Originally Posted by StarManta
    What mail reader are you using? I'm assuming Entourage...

    Have you tried Mail yet? not only is it a kick-*** mail reader, it has a nice Import option.
    ive tried to import in entourage and mail. They both say the format cannot be converted. I saved the mail files into vcard files. I even bought a program (office2mac) and that still did not work.

    Im running out of ideas, i need help here guys...

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    adam taylor
    how about some of the more basic export types? not tried it myself yet but maybe csv?

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    qc dsm tsi
    thanks for all the replies

    I figured it out... Ill explain just in case someone has the same problem.

    If you are using outlook as your main email client, you will have to use outlook express to convert the files from .pst to .eml (which reads like .mbox)

    Go to import on Outlook express and choose from another program, then outlook. Then just select the folders of mail you want. It will then transfer the emails to outlook express.

    To export those to a floppy or pen drive (thats what i used) you have to drag and drop from the inbox pane to a folder ( dont use the export feature, just drag and drop)

    No take that folder from the pc and put it on your mac. Now for entourage to see the file you have to open up your inbox and create a temporary folder (create new folder, call it whatever you want, it will get deleted later.)

    Drag and drop you .eml files from your folder into the folder you just created. Now each email will be in its own folder, this is ok.

    Now to get those emails into your inbox, select the folder you created, and go to Edit\Advanced Find. Check "subfolders", and change "contains" to "doesnt contain" Now type in something that no email has in it, like "qqqqqqqqqq" that will select all of the emails.

    Now just drag and drop from the search window to your inbox folder.

    I hope that helps at least someone out there.

    ps, I got this off of a write up online, and i lost the site. If anyone has seen it, please post it, I want to give the guy credit for this, IT SAVED ME A LOT OF trouble.

    pss Also i downloaded office2mac, and payed $10 for registration, and it did not work at all!!!!!!

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    adam taylor
    nice one glad you got it sorted, and thanks for posting the how-to. i'll be using that soon.

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