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    The Giver
    I just switched to mac a month ago, and I know that downloading porn may contain virus', but can I do it on a mac even if i have norton antivius? What is also a good program?

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    Don't download porn? That would be your safest bet Your best bet is to not download anything that is not from a reputable source, but if you need to, then you really shouldnt worry.. Macs just don't get viruses.. at least at this juncture in time.

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    As a personal preference porn doesn't interest me. But if I was going to use it I think given (like Murlyn said the source it would be coming from) I'd just use website stuff not try and dl things from p2p clients.

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    lol, come now, pr0n is what brings humorous entertainment to alot of aspect!

    bachelor parties.. just being drunk and board with a huge group of people on campus.. dont bash the pr0n its got its purpose!

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    There aren't many (any?) viruses for OS X. Just use Safari, Mozilla, Opera or about anything else than IE and don't download anything suspicious. Pictures or video clips can't contain virus (unless they are not pictures or video clips )

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadov
    Pictures or video clips can't contain virus (unless they are not pictures or video clips )
    So obvious, yet so true....

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