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    Unhappy Which powerbook?
    Hi All,

    I am in a right rut! I don't know what to get?
    I am going to University this September and I want to buy an apple powerbook. I have been a faithful PC man for far too long and I am really fed up with the problems they give me. I have decided to take the jump to a Mac. Here in Gibraltar there are few Mac users so software is quite hard to come by, but theres always other means!

    I was thinking of the G4 1 GHz / 12" / 256MB / 40GB / DVD-R / CD-RW / Bluetooth, which sells over here for 1195.
    The reason for this is becasue it's the right size to pop into my backpack on my journeys around campus.
    The G4 1.25 GHz / 15" / 512MB / 80GB / DVD-R / CD-RW / Bluetooth / Airport / Light Senso is 1600. The price is a little steeper though and more bulkier but better hardware specs.

    With the 12" I would upgrade my Hard disk to 60GB. On my return from Uni - an apple LCD monitor sounds tempting, thus I wouldn't need the 15"?

    Can anyone help me make a decision? When would be the right time to buy, re before or after the Mac convention...?

    Thanks for your help,


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    That's a tough call because there is so many factors that play into the difference in the three sizes. It's really just a shot in the dark....

    If your a small framed person and don't need a lot going on at one time on screen with your mac I'd go with the 12. It seems easier to take back and forth from school and what not.

    I have a 15 I am about average size, but imo it would be a bit much to lug back and forth to classes.... I could do it, but I'd prefer the 12 for it. Main reason I didn't get a 12 is cause I am "power" user I have anywhere from 10-15 apps running at a time. 12' screen didn't suit my needs in that department. And it cramped my shoulders a little using it.

    Also with you being a college student, the 15 seems a bit to pricey. .25 GHZ doesn't make that much of a difference. The ram.... I don't know. I have 256 I am thinking of upgrading (once again though I have tons of movies, shows, songs, on here so I bog things down.) 80 GB HD.... is too much. I mean you can never have too much, but I find 40 to be enough and if your wanting to up-to 60 that's understanable.

    I just switched to macs last year after a long-time pc user,

    Here in Gibraltar there are few Mac users so software is quite hard to come by, but theres always other means!

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    Which Powerbook?
    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm longing to buy the powerbook but a friend told me to wait for the G5 versions. I've read a bit about the situation and although IBM will probably find the solution of the 'over-heating' (or already have!) I think it will be a while before there is any confirmation of G5 powerbooks hitting the market. Should I take the plunge and buy now or wait until after the Mac ocnvention which is I believe in March??



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    I am not sure when the Mac Convention is.

    Af far as G5 goes, its a different story depending on who you ask. Everyone here has a different opinion on its release date. As far as I go, I say at earliest Q1 or Q2 of 05'. I can see the marketing behind that too "G5 in 05"

    But, you never want to buy the first ones. If they came out in... May I'd wait till' October to buy it (at least!) so you give them time to tweak out all the bugs, heating, screen, battery, keyboard, etc etc problems.

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    Oh yeah.....
    Have you given the new G4 Ibook's a look?

    The 14' Ibook would be bigger than the 12 powerbook but not quiet as big as the 15?

    If its just the look keeping you from it, don't let it. The "awesomeness" wares off of the look real quick. Don't get me wrong I don't regret my Powerbook in the least! I'd never go back to Windows. But in 06... whenever the Ibook g5's come out and have time to tweak their problems out I'll probably get an Ibook next time.

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    Thumbs up Made the decision!!
    The price over here of the G4 1 GHz / 14" / 256MB / 60GB / DVD / CD-RW / Radeon 9200 is 1,050. For an extra 145 I think the powerbook with the better specs is a better option... don't you agree? It's just a question of the 14" or 12" screen.

    I think the 12" powerbook is what I'm going for.

    I'll keep a look out for the G5 Ibooks in the future!!

    Thanks for all your help.


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