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Thread: Transfer firefox favorites from PC to Mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by novicew View Post
    You can use a bookmark sync program for that. I use Foxmarks and it works great. Whenever I add/delete bookmark(s) in one PC/Mac the changes will show up in other Macs/PCs.
    Another vote for Foxmarks. I use it to sync my bookmarks on two Macs and a Windows desktop and it works flawlessly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansni View Post
    Please tell me how FireFox retrieves the info off my PC. What can they read from my PC/Mac and what remains private? I have something against unknown people getting hold of my personal details. Can you say anything about that, please? Cheers
    When you tell FF to "Bookmark this page," it saves that info on its server. You ask it to do that! If you want to sync your bookmarks between computers, FF just uses what you have put on their server from each of your computers and it makes them all the same, but only when you agree. It doesn't "go into" your computer, so privacy should not be a problem if you use Foxmarks.


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