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ah1802 10-06-2006 01:28 PM

Hide Microsoft Messenger Folder
On my desktop I have a Microsoft messenger icon on my desktop when the messenger is running just wondering if there is a way of hiding this

thanks :black:

Cujo 10-06-2006 01:51 PM

What does the icon look like? Does it look like a cd drive/hard drive with the Messenger logo on it?

How do you run messenger normally?

I ask these because you might not have installed it properly. For a proper install open the drive image icon that you see on your desktop, from there drag the Messenger icon seen inside to your applications folder, you'll see Messenger start to install and then this program won't appear anymore.

It's the same process for installing other software in Mac OSX.

ah1802 10-06-2006 02:31 PM

yea it looks like a hard disk icon. the exact steps to intalling were, double click on the download file and installed it. i got the messenger icon on the dock thingie. i click there to open the program. if i remove the hard disk icon i think it removes the whole program. any adivce?

Cujo 10-06-2006 02:46 PM

Okay, double click the install program, this will open up the program package as well as pt the drive icon on your desktop, in the program package you'll see the program icon (I think it might be the MSM Messenger guy -- haven't done this recently so not sure), drag this icon into your application folder (command+shift+a should open the applications folder).

If you do this correctly you'll see a dialog box showing the program is installing, you can then run the program from there (or drag and drop the program into your dock). If it runs you can remove the .dmg file as well as the drive that appears on your screen.

For a visual on this check out this article: Installing DMG Files. As full disclosure I wrote that article and the sample shows doing it with Firefox but the steps should be the same.

Any more questions feel free to ask.

ah1802 10-06-2006 03:00 PM

nice one mate worked a treat :)

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