Hi guys well as a newb i like to ask a few question if I may in the last week i've trawlwed this site for various information and on the whole i found the answers to all my problems here. but as a convert from windows (who will never go back) I'd like to use my mac as much as i used my pc and to the sam extent.

I would therefore like to know which file i can use to Read NFO's on a mac I have download ed NFO1 however i keep getting an error message OS X 10.4 needed. i'm opperating 10.3.9. also i have iGrabnews for downloading from usenet and this works fine with the NBZ file. However i've seen so many recomendation for MT-Newswatcher that i wondered if someone could help me understand how this program works as having downloaded it i'm at a bit of a loss with it. Is it just for searching newsnet if so then it not so important as i have a paid sub to Newzbin.com, but if it is also a downloader as well as a search engine could someone point me in the direction of tutorial. I checked out the various options on the site but it must be me thats the numpty as i still haven't figured out how to use this software. I have also aqccuired stuffit delux for unzipping along with Macpar and everything is fine there thanx to info i've gleaned from here so i don't feel too bad only having had my mac a week. Just one last question what is the best software to use for burning CD's/DVD's

Many Thanks