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Thread: Stuck app. on desktop???

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    Stuck app. on desktop???
    I have an app... (quicksilver) that I can't seem to drag around the desktop (move its window to a different area of the desktop). It opens and closes, it runs flawlessly. I just can't click/hold/drag the window around.

    I have quit QS, and reopened, but that didn't help either.

    Any suggestions?


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    Sep 13, 2006
    LOL... lots of views but I guess you all were as "stumped" as I was... that makes me feel a little better...

    For any future searchers....

    It turns out that the "Bezel" interface is non-moving, meaning you cannot drag the window around the desktop. The "Built-In" interface, the "Cube" interface, and others are able to move (be dragged).

    If you prefer to have the Bezel interface, the best thing to do is use another interface to move the window to a good location of your choosing, then go into the Quicksilver preferences-->Appearance.... then change to "Bezel".

    Good day to you.

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