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    How long does it take most of the time?
    Hey guys, I am a Mac n00b. I just bought at 20" Intel Mac last night, I was wondering, how long does it normally take for the computer to arrive? It says allow up to five days. BTW, I live in Pennsylvania. So, how long do you guys think it'll take?

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    Everything I have ever ordered from Apple has showed up much quicker then they estimate
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    Same here mine ARRIVED before the estimated SHIP DATE.
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    When I got ibook it was a BTO and I got it in 4 business days. When I got my ipod got it in three business days. When I got various other accessories and what not, i got it in about the same timeframe.

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    So, it should be within a week from the order?

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    You should have it in your hands by next wednesday... worst case!

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