I'm running a few iMacs over a network and they all talk happily and share a HP Laserjet 2100 printer, no probs.

However, one G5 iMac has started telling me that it cannot connect to the printer.

It recognises that there is a printer on the network as it will 'add' that printer in Printer Utility and the printer is on under my Printer and Fax window in System Preferences.

I do get a 'busy; source EIO (ATALK)' message when I add a printer, if that is a clue but so does my other G5 and that prints fine.

I have tried so many things and I am so stumped. I am running OSX Panther.

Another odd thing is that the Mac won't print .pdf files from Quark or print to postscript; it just won't print to anything, it just keeps telling me to check the print center or check the connection yet both those options seem OK.

Any clues?