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    The Extras: To buy or not to buy
    First off, let me say I've been working with Macs for the past 5 years and the new iMacs have driven me to go out and buy my own for personal and free lance use. So yesterday, I walk into the Apple Store ready to make my purchase and get hit with a few more decisions. Should I buy these extras?

    - Apple Care $169 ($119 edu): 3 yr warrenty. I am leaning toward yes on this purchase since it's an all-in-one. If I just had to replace a monitor or some other component, maybe not. Is this a well spent $169?

    - Pro Care: VIP help. I'm thinking no. It puts me in line before others that need help and sets me up with free classes for things like Photoshop, Final Cut, and other programs I either know fully or don't care about. I don't remember the cost but I think it was around $100.

    - .Mac ($99 or $69 with the computer purchase): a gig of web space, another email address, and easy backup. I'm thinking no again. I do a lot of web design so I have my own space(s) on the web with ftp access. The last thing I really need is another email address outside of my two work addys and two personal addys. Then there's the backup to dvd stuff. I backup my computer every so often, but mainly its clients files to a dvd or cd. As for my personal stuff, I backup my photos to a cd every few months in fear of losing those files/memories. Do I really need .Mac of is that just another $70-100 down the tubes. I'm leaning toward no on this as well.

    I would love to hear from anyone and everyone, supporting my decisions or convincing me to sway. I plan on making the actual purchase within the next few days. I figure I've waited this long, whats a hair longer.

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    Apple care:
    Usually if an apple has any manufacturing problems then it will go wrong in the first year but I'm sure this web site is full of people that will tell you differently so if you can afford the apple care and would like the reassurance then go for it. I've only used it once with my ibook and didn't get to make use of it.

    Pro care:
    I guess this option is for people that are still learning the ins and outs of the programs, need a quick reaction to problems or for people with money to waste, so id give it a miss.

    It does all sound very convenient and I'm sure it all works well but it's not cheep and if you've already got your own web space then I'd say no to that as well.

    Enjoy your new Mac. :p

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    I didn't get either of those, I tried out the 60 day trial version of my .mac account, and I'm not too impressed. It took me quite a while just to upload to it. I'm happy with the ftp space I have already with 5 gigs, instead of just 1

    I plan on getting Apple Care when I'm nearing the end of my first year warranty, that way I'll have an additional 2 years. I like feeling safe :mac:

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    Extended warranties are garbage. With any electronics, most have issues in the first year if they have a problem. There are a minute (my-noot) percentage of those that are bad or break, but like I said a very small number.

    The money you pay for extended warranties weighs more over a lifetime than the money you would pay out to get a device fixed in the event it does have a problem out of warranty.

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