I just got my first Apple. I got a Mac Pro, Yea.
Anyhow I have foue hard drives.
One for Mac OSX.
One for Windows.
And i have 2 which I am raiding.
I made the raid Volume in the Mac with disk utility.
I made a journaled mac volume?? (what ever that is?)
Whats the differance between the Mac format settings you can choose??

What I want to do is to share the Raid with Windows. I dont seem to be able to make 2 partition on the raid volume I made.?
So I dont know what to do?
Windows wont even red the other hard drives. i even Raided the hard drives with MS Dos format and still the Windows wont read it.

So to sum up what i want to do!?
I want to be able to either share the Raid volume with windows and mac osx.
Or i would like to partiotn the raid volume in 2 and have a seperate partition for each operating system.
I dont know how to do either, If you can at all do this? Seem I can only use the raid volume on Mac OSX.

Any help would be great